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Why invest in a wedding album? Well, ask yourself this: How do you want to see your wedding photographs in 10 years time?

Now, picture yourself and your other half, on the night of your 25th anniversary – yeah, let’s go further than 10! – you are at home sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and your favorite music playing, songs that bring all those beautiful memories. Do you remember that day? Your dad’s emotional speech, our first dance as husband and wife, how little and cute was your nephew wearing that adorable bow tie? Loved ones that sadly are no longer with us. You get nostalgic and want to see your wedding photos together, again, remember how it all felt… let me find that old thing called USB… but horror! Our standard 3D hologram projector device won’t read it! I mean… 25 years from now, who knows what technology will look like! 😀

That is only one of the main reasons why I truly believe our photographs deserve to be something we can touch. Your wedding photographs are taken to be printed in a luxurious album that will make them look alive and feel real. An album that will sit proudly in your living room, for you and your future kids to enjoy.

In the world we live in, where digital is predominant, we often forget the importance of printing our photos. We are capturing moments on phones and cameras, transferring them to our computers and forgetting about them. Flicking through the million photos stored in our phones is, let’s face it, boring and lifeless. As technology evolves and new formats and gadgets are created, our beloved memories in the form of digital files will unfortunately end up outdated and dying. They can also get lost through hard drive crashes or accidental deletion, and unlike other documents, the photographs of your wedding day simply can’t be replaced.

I read somewhere, a while ago, that when there is a fire, firefighters are instructed to find and rescue people and animals first, and family albums and photographs second. Do you see the immense value our memories have to us? And it will only keep growing with time.

There is nothing quite like a thoughtfully laid out and beautifully handmade professional album to keep the full story of your special day safe. Scroll through its pages, remember how each moment felt, and share it with those who weren’t able to come. A wedding album is the first tangible heirloom that you will create in your new life as husband and wife, and will pass on to the next generations, that will treasure it.


I want to be able to show you how it feels to even hold one of these albums. Folio Albums is, without a doubt, my choice. For my Fine Art studio sample album I picked contemporary leather in Jade, and debossing for the cover title and my business name. It is a lovely big size 12×12″ and it has 30 spreads, that include around 170 photos. And I am in love with it.


Every detail is looked after. The corners, the endpapers, everything. Each page measures approximately 0.5mm thick and has a wonderful flexible feel when turning from page to page. The Fine Art Books are made using the finest quality papers and ink, and each double page opens flat with an almost invisible crease, perfect to showcase your favorite photos in a big double page for more impact. All albums are packaged by hand and are presented in a beautiful natural cotton bag within a kraft cardboard box.


Each 10×10″ and 12×12″ Fine Art Book includes a genuine leather cover selected for its quality and durability. With 18 beautiful colors to choose from and debossing, engraving and printing options in different fonts, it is so easy to create the wedding album of your dreams. Are you already imagining how yours would look like? 🙂


Now, go back to imagining the scenario at the beginning and tell me if a wedding album is not the best investment you could make 😉

When you hire me as your wedding photographer in London, you have the option of adding a stunning Folio wedding album. HOWEVER, I am so excited to be offering one of these 12×12″ Fine Art Books included in one of my Wedding Collections. Get in touch today for more information and I will be happy to help you!

And please, from now on, print your photos.

Thank you for reading,

Ana x

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