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Last month Tara and Jack celebrated their first wedding anniversary! 😀 I would like to celebrate it too somehow, and what better way than remembering their big day having a look again at their photos!
Here you will see the highlights of the day, scroll down to the bottom of the post for their whole wedding in a sweet slideshow video 🙂

It was a lovely bright September day at The Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross, Uxbridge, the beautiful venue they chose for their ceremony and reception.


Tara and her bridesmaids were getting ready in one of the hotel rooms. As soon as I got in that morning I could feel the excitement in the air! They were all running around making sure Tara – and me! – had everything we needed. And then I saw Tara’s wedding gown and the gorgeous pastel pink dresses for her bridesmaids and I immediately knew I was going to fall in love with their bridal party photos 😉

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_02 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_03 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_04 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_31

After a few detail shots for the bride, I run downstairs to meet Jack and the guys for their own mini session… and well, that’s when the fun started! 😀 They arrived in style and looked so elegant and cool in their blue suits, perfect choice for the pastel color theme of the whole wedding.

Jack, his best men and groomsmen were absolutely fantastic! We had a laugh and their photos turned out amazing:

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_05 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_08 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_06 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_07

Right after in the ceremony room, Jack couldn’t wait any longer to see his bride!

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_09 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_10 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_11 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_12

Tara’s uncle Victor walked her down the aisle with pride. She looked stunning and radiant. The ceremony was intimate, emotional and very sweet. I have to admit even I, hiding behind my camera, had a little tear in my eye in a few moments… I just loved the way they looked and smiled at each other

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_14 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_13 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_15 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_32

As Tara and Jack left the room as husband and wife, Jack stopped for a second to give their super cute baby boy Ollie a little kiss


And then we headed out to the hotel’s gardens for a few photos of  Tara and her girls. As I anticipated, they looked so beautiful together it was insane! This first image below is still to date one of my favorite wedding shots EVER! What a fun and smiley groups of friends

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_16 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_18 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_17

I was so excited when Tara and Jack told me they hired a vintage ice cream van for their wedding! I could already see the photos in my head… and when the day came, they actually exceeded my expectations! Tara ended up with her face covered in ice cream, I can assure you Jack had fun!

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_19 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_22

We also took the chance to take some sweet photos of the newlyweds with their little son Oliver, what an adorable face 🙂

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_20 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_21

Even though Tara took control and went INSIDE the van, she didn’t really get to enjoy her own ice cream cone 😉

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_23 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_24

After cutting the gorgeous cake, Tara and Jack had their first dance and so the party began. And it was obvious to all that, indeed, like the cake read, “Love is the sweetest thing”

AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_25 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_26 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_27 AnaGelyA-tara-jack-wedding-photographer-london-uxbridge-the-bull-hotel_28

Dear Tara and Jack,

It’s been one year from your wedding day and I still smile and feel honored when I look at your photos.
Thank you once again for having me there as your wedding photographer, I wish you all the happiness for all the anniversaries to come! 

Ana x


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Thank you for reading!

Ana x

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